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Hip width and fat distribution are just two of the many genetic factors that play into our ability to grow the perfect booty.

Another major reason you might not have a booty is if you’ve been looking for a “quick fix.” Buying expensive “as seen on TV” products won’t magically solve your butt problems, no matter how much money you dish out on a piece of exercise equipment.

Swift has dissed plenty an ex in her music, but nothing was better than her quip against Joe Jonas. " in 2013 with David Letterman and joked about making Justin Bieber cry. Yes I was left for another man," he wrote in an extended tweet.

To build a high, firm butt, you need to do exercises that target each of these muscle groups.

Finally, the number one most important reason why you don’t have a booty is because you’re going to the gym but are forgetting to eat well.

Eating well and fueling your body with whole foods is key to growing any muscle groups, including your butt.

The actor wasn't shy about shading his ex-wife, Katy Perry.

During a warm-up gig for his Messiah Complex tour at the Soho Theater on July 31, 2013, he quipped, "I'd be having sex [with Katy] thinking, 'think of anyone, Obviously T.

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If you’re not taking care of your body through good nutrition, you’ll never get the results you want from your exercises – simple as that.

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  1. To get the most from your workouts, Amanda recommends working your legs and glutes 2-3 times per week with a rest day in between each workout (work your butt Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – for example).

  2. You can also pull up Ed W.'s profile for more info: (Courtesy of Hinge) You can see his height, his college and grad school, any friends you share, and a variety of self-descriptive tags that Hinge lets you choose from (including "country clubber," "bookworm," "joker," "smoker," and "midnight toker").