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If invited for a formal meal, it’s polite to take some form of small gift, ideally gift-wrapped – chocolates or dates are ideal.Remember to take your shoes off when entering any Omani house.Pride in their country is strong among Omanis, and criticisms of the nation of any type will not be well received (unless, perhaps, you are simply agreeing with an opinion expressed by your host).Negative statements about Islam should be even more strenuously avoided.Exact definitions are somewhat elastic, although it’s a lesson well worth absorbing, particularly if driving, when the urge to flap your hands in exasperation (or give the idiot in the Toyota Landcruiser who has just cut you up at 150km/h the finger) may become overwhelming.Traditional Arabic greetings serve as an important oil in the machinery of everyday Omani life – the elaborate, almost courtly, formality with which Omanis greet one another in even the most prosaic of circumstances (your driver stopping to ask for directions, for example) offers a fascinating insight into the forms of decorum which still regulate Omani life. Close male and female friends and relatives will kiss one another on either cheek, although between male strangers the standard form of physical greeting is a handshake.It’s also useful to carry a shawl to cover your hair in more conservative areas.

Arab women have traditionally worked in career fields such as teaching and nursing, but as foreign women have continued to arrive in Oman, opportunities have arisen in hotel management and the airline industry - not to mention traditionally male-dominated realms such as business management and advertising.Inside foreign-oriented tourist hotels more Western standards prevail, although it’s still polite not to wander around in a bikini away from the pool or beach. Expressions of overt anger and any raising of the voice should be strictly avoided, whatever the situation.It’s also worth knowing that even innocuous hand gestures are punishable under Omani law, if deemed offensive.Away from the main tourist centres, foreigners remain a source of considerable interest – often occasioning a certain amount of benign curiosity and clandestine staring.This is almost always friendly, and a smile, wave or (best of all) a cheery will usually break the ice and lead to a conversation with whatever bits of a shared language you can muster.

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For both men and women, it helps to dress conservatively, especially in rural areas.

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