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Unfortunately, you haven't told us which version of Windows you're using or your version of Internet Explorer, but if you're using Windows XP, please open the Control Panel, double click on the "Internet Options" icon, then click on the "General" tab.Once there, in the "Browsing History" section, remove ALL files in the "Temporary Internet Files" and "Cookies" section..Two: I also not too long ago got this computer from someone else....It is a windows 8 laptop and when I got it I had to make a new windows 8 account in order to use it.If you're using another browser such as Firefox, etc., then it's also important to clear out all cookies and internet cache as well.Next, RIGHT click on the 'Start" button, choose "Explore"..In this mode, the Internet content filter logs all visited and blocked websites, and flags them as such in the Logs tab of Parental Controls preferences.In certain situations, the automatic Internet content filter may mistakenly block a safe website or allow an adult-oriented website.

but when I looked it up it said that that specific virus means that someone is controlling my computer....

I've never seen this before, and they will pop up as I'm reading a news story or article, actually, one just popped up as I was looking over THIS site.

What kind of infection is this, what could've caused this, and what can I do? you need to scan your computer by using any good and trusted Spyware removal tools software.

Is it possible that the person who gave me that virus could have redirected me to that site?

Also before now I was reading your post and all of a sudden, even though it is fully charged and still on the charger, my laptop just turned off completely... There are two things I think could have given me this new virus...

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I've run every anti-virus and anti-spy program I have and have removed all that's shown up, and rebooted, but this is still happening! MALWAREBYTES is the best for any spyware virus , it is easily available on net free. I've used the Malwarebytes program, as well as Adaware, Trojan Guarder, and Spyware Doctor and Xoftspyes.

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