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It read, "Age is just a number ♥ Find someone you love, and take their breath away..if that means putting a kink in their oxygen tank cord. He's on TV: Rife joined fellow improv comics on on MTV several times since 2015.3.He's a stand-up comedian: Rife started his stand-up career as a teen.He has performed at comedy clubs such as The Laugh Factory in Hollywood.Beckinsale is a big fan of stand-up comedy—she has occasionally been spotted at comedy clubs with Sheen, with whom she remains friends, watching his girlfriend Sarah Silverman perform.4.In 2007, he performed for almost four hours, a record quickly busted by Dave Chappelle.By 2008, he performed for seven straight hours, claiming the record again.However, this time, it seems whatever he said wasn’t taken as a joke.According to , which has the exclusive on the rumor, the 43-year-old comedian was vulgar and offensive toward a waitress.

Dane Cook has been banned from the Laugh Factory, and it may have been a long time coming.

Dane Cook Inspired His Comedy: "Seventh grade is when I realized I wanted to be a comedian," Rife said in a video interview with Thisis50 in 2015.

"I was watching Comedy Central and Dane Cook came on and I became a fan like, instantly and literally the next day, my teacher asked me if I wanted to be in a talent show."He said he agreed and performed...other comic's material."Granted, I like stole every comedian's jokes," he said.

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Whatever happened, he was swiftly banned — for life.

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