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This year, though, Chinese President Xi Jinping has consolidated power, becoming the most powerful leader in the country in decades.

Now that his grip on the country has been secured, some say, he will go about the dirty business of deflating the debt bubble building in China’s financial system since 2009 — the bubble that exploded China’s banking system from trillion to trillion in less than a decade.

While Liu has avoided the spotlight, many economists regard him as the voice behind an anonymous missive on debt published in the People’s Daily in May 2016.

He’s also been vice chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission, the government’s top economic planning body.

Lot of nice pictures here, and who knew that Paul Simon co-wrote Red Rubber Ball, which for some reason was playing in our brain soundtrack today.

BTW, Tucker Carlson had on an idiot “professor” who argued this nonsense. Say what you want about Trump, but his views, with or without expletives, are pretty much standard for the time he grew up in.

“A lot of the lower hanging fruit has been picked and there’s increased competition for a share of consumer spending,” said Matthew Crabbe, Asia Pacific research director at Mintel.

The sale did though beat his forecast of 20% growth. There are a billion bumps in the road in China vs USA, but Xi cannot let growth or prosperity slow down, as the decline of farming and the increase of manufacturing and services happen.

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You probably figured that the Christmas perennial It’s a Wonderful Life won a few Oscars. gross domestic product was about $18.5 trillion in 2016 compared with Chinese GDP of $11.4 trillion. companies to participate in his “Belt and Road” infrastructure-led initiative. relations at his meeting with Trump, saying cooperation between the two countries is “the only right choice,” according to Xinhua. Nor can the US penalize China imports to a great extent. Liu He, a key adviser to Chinese President Xi Jinping known for guiding economic policy behind the scenes, appears destined to occupy more of the spotlight.

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