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Barry Mc Dade, a friend of the victim, was put in the same cell with Burnside.

The next day, Mc Dade was shown a photographic lineup that included Burnside’s photo.

This is ridiculous.” Burnside was charged with obstruction of justice.

In the moments after the shooting, police had taken two people into custody who were in the parking lot.Witnesses said the gunman, who was wearing a blue shirt, drove away in a red Dodge Magnum.At the scene of the shooting, police found broken pieces from a car’s taillight.He went to trial in Milwaukee County Circuit Court in January 2011.He was convicted by the jury on January 11, 2011 and sentenced to life in prison.

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A search of the vehicle revealed no guns or evidence relating to the shooting. Burnside told the officer that he had not been in an accident near the shooting and that the damage to his car occurred a month earlier.

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