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We don’t know when it started, we just start hearing rumors from other leftists about friends that are no longer around, people that we don’t hear from anymore, talk of alt-right gangs being granted special privileges, but nothing concrete. We know that something is going on, but we don’t know what.

Then, we start hearing more vivid stories from people who supposedly got away. We need to coalesces into a community and we need to be prepared to defend ourselves and our community.

They have organized militias and familiarized themselves with tactics, weapons, and training. We have detailed accounts of how the local police were spearheading the operation and gathering information for months. We will not compromise our fundamental beliefs for our survival, because we cannot survive without those beliefs. This is a call to focus on the field, because we are staring at a battle field and we need to internalize what our future looks like.We know that there is a conspiracy on the part of the authorities and the far right militias to round up leftist and imprison them, or worse. Able people need to account for those with disabilities. We need an infrastructure and supply lines for food, shelter, medicine, clothing, clean water. We need to take this preparation into our daily lives where we can.Harper hid from the media and said he didn't know who I was.Perhaps the legal advisors they had then were the ones who are advising them now.

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The normalization of state oppression for the sake of the country. All in the name of “patriotism” and “freedom.” The liberals, for their part, were the buffers. The calming voice that tells you; “everything is ok,” “peace, love and happiness,” “can’t we all just talk civilly to one another.” They were the ruse that kept us off guard. We kept ourselves thinking we would be the ones to strike first. Until we were desperately trying to organize a resistance under the constant watch of the all knowing state.

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