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“We were very careful about any PDAs in front of her,” he says. Mark and Terri fell in love; so did Brett and Christy.Christy found herself more jealous of the experiences Mark and Terri shared — going to museums and Broadway shows — than their physical intimacy. Still, he was in denial about the sustainability of the foursome.Undeterred, they bought a bigger bed for their apartment and began hitting sex clubs again.Despite the grimy environs, Christy says, people from all walks of life participate: surgeons, lawyers, brokers, network meteorologists.Despite their lack of attraction, Christy and Mark agreed to meet Frank and Wendy at a cheap motel way out on Long Island; they were afraid no one else would swap with them. They had dinner in their motel room, then they all stripped down to their underwear.With no trace of self-consciousness, Wendy went to the hall to retrieve her carry-on bag, then unpacked piles of sex toys. “If I were to use one, I’d want to be sure it was properly sterilized.” Christy and Mark got dressed and left; they couldn’t bring themselves to have any physical contact with these two.At first supportive, Terri became increasingly distant.

“Lovers and life mates,” Christy writes, “who could f–k other people but still keep the faith.” As for STDs, they say they’ve never heard of swingers contracting anything. There was the night at a swingers party when Christy blacked out during sex with a stranger. “I really just had to — I don’t want to say suck it up — but it was tough.” The most significant swap of their lives began during a trip home to Austin in December 2007 to visit their families.

It was sleazy setting replete with red-velvet curtains and moist air.

Down a hallway, they came upon an empty room lined with wall-to-wall mattresses. “Except we realized everyone in the back room was having sex.” They wanted in. Their new book, “A Modern Marriage,” is a chronicle of Christy and Mark’s lives as swingers: the group sex, the jealousy, the secrecy, the STDs and hygiene issues, the emotional and psychological dangers. They’re native Texans who describe themselves as otherwise square: conservative accountants who live in Kips Bay, whose preferred drink is Dr Pepper and who didn’t know what constituted an orgy.

bring[ing] one woman after another to climax.” Partygoers who weren’t having sex were squatting down next to copulating couples to get a better look.

“It was an ungodly mess,” Christy writes, “men and women climbing all over and under each other.” Mark recalls their reaction differently. 8: Never have sex with each other in front of other people. They made a date to meet Frank and Wendy (the Kidds have changed all names) at a dive bar in Hell’s Kitchen — they didn’t want to run into anyone they might know.

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Mark called his old high school friend, Brett, who liked to imply that his wife, Terri, was truly wild.

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