Unrealistic expectations dating

Have you fallen victim to unrealistic expectations in the past?

Whether I like it or not, and whether I preach against it or not, many of my thirtysomething girlfriends are trying to get chose. One friend in particular is dead set on taking a series of pole-dancing classes.

You might have an unrealistic belief about conflict in your relationship.

When couples can address their negative feelings is a safe and constructive way, it can actually help a relationship grow stronger.

Are there some ‘rules for a relationship’ that you just can’t give up?

Can you not let an idea go until you both agree (or your partner agrees with you) even if it means you are up half the night arguing?

Do you feel that the relationship (or your feelings) is falling apart if you have a disagreement?

Otherwise, we’ll be chasing the ghost of perfection that keeps many of us chasing instead of loving.

Do you think we have unrealistic expectations when choosing our mates?

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