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Cassie says she’s not looking for her soul mate, just looking to have some fun.She likes guys with tattoos, baby faces and beards, but won’t talk to guys with cocky, topless selfies.Cassie has loved a lot in her 24 years, but hasn’t, until recently, spared some for herself.Her past two relationships started with men she met at Alcoholics Anonymous.Since the app’s launch in September 2012, Tinder claims it has facilitated half a billion matches, most of them between people 18 to 24.But is Tinder helping or spoiling a generation of youth who are increasingly relying on technology to help them connect – in love and in lust?The well-known Financial Post "yellow cards" have been maintained in the Business Library and the collection now consists of roughly 25,000 cards dating in some cases to the 1940s.The service has typically provided data on the top 500-600 Canadian companies.

After about a month of messaging, they added each other on Facebook.Cassie makes sure to “creep” the Facebook profile of her matches to see if everything is as advertised. Cassie invited her match over to her house one night and he drove to London.“(It) was the only time I’ve ever done this,” she admits, eyes locked on her phone, which rests on the table in front of her.The complete list of companies and the holdings in each case is available in the table below.For use in library, inquire at the circulation desk.

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