Viggo mortensen still dating ariadna gil

Viggo is currently promoting his new film, (which I’ve never seen). Viggo also did this interesting interview where he discusses how weird it is that Spanish-language films aren’t shown more love by the studios.

Although Viggo Mortensen career took on a successful path, her love life couldn’t do so.

He's prepared a gift bag."You can smoke in the car," Mortensen says, gesturing with his own smoldering American Spirit. here, in upstate New York, because Mortensen has taken some time off from his life in Madrid to care for his dying father. For the next eight hours, for about 250 miles, up to and around Watertown, through the Adirondacks and not quite to Canada—though he does ask if I brought my passport—with periodic stops at diners and waterfalls, lakes and trout ponds, his mother's grave and finally his father's farmhouse. Sometimes he drives cross-country, just for the hell of it. "They always do this thing where they try to upgrade me to some fancy fucking car." But he doesn't want a fancy fucking car. He is not in leaving Starbucks with his hand over his face. When he must go on the red carpet, you will not find him in a Dior tuxedo. Once, when asked whom he was wearing, Mortensen provided a name—Bambino Veira—and watched in bemusement as members of the Hollywood press dutifully wrote it down.

We could've gone straight to Watertown and stayed there, and we could've gotten there a hell of a lot faster, but Mortensen, his two hands resting gently on the bottom of the steering wheel, doesn't like to drive too fast. Two and a half hours into our journey, Mortensen and I stop for coffee at a joint he likes because his mother used to go there as a teenager. We sit at the bar, and no one seems to recognize him, not even the pretty bartendress he chats up about Syracuse basketball. He was offered the role only when another actor, Stuart Townsend, was dropped at the last minute, and he took it only because his then-eleven-year-old son, Henry, had read (and loved) the Tolkien trilogy and convinced him to do it.

The photos came in later in the day on Friday, that’s why I’m only getting to them now, but the important thing is that I eventually got to them, right? Since we last saw Viggo, he’s gained some unfortunate facial hair.

He is rumored to have hooked up with Gwyneth Paltrow in 1997.

This summer, the quintessentially un-Hollywood Viggo Mortensen stars in a film about a father of six who rejects the world to raise his kids completely off the grid. We are curbside at the tiny airport in Syracuse, New York, on a truly dreary day (even by Syracuse standards), and within seconds of hopping into his rented Ford Fusion, I learn two things about him: He's the kind of guy who picks you up at the airport, and he's the kind of guy who brings presents. About the time in the wilds of New Zealand when he skinned, cooked, and ate his own roadkill. Once, it was erroneously reported (and repeated and repeated, which pissed him off, and he is not a guy who gets pissed off, except about the war in Iraq) that he was giving up acting because he said he wanted to take a break.

I’m not saying this creeping mustache/Fu Manchu is a dealbreaker, but he does look better with either an all-or-nothing facial hair deal.

Either give me a full-on beard or go clean shaven – nothing in between! This one at Vulture has been getting wide play, probably because he gives some quotes about the new pope (they both love the same soccer team), playing Sigmund Freud (he wasn’t sure he could pull it off) and how he saw The Hobbit on opening day.

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